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Tales of the Macabre

Reviewed By: Cindy Murdoch

July 28 2017

Inspired by radio dramas of the past, Charlie Creeps brings us the story of several ghastly tales told with live musical accompaniment in the setting of the old, creepy Dalnavert Museum. The venue is a nice choice for a show about the macabre. Unfortunately, the seating is outside on the museum's front lawn, so not only is the audience unable to appreciate the beauty of this old house and its surroundings, but it is also really difficult to see the performance which is also on ground level with no risers.  It would have been a far better choice to have the audience face the house and stage the performance on the porch so that it was visible and more engaging. 

There are three performers, the storyteller Creeps, a live musician creating a creepy background soundtrack and a hunchback grim reaper character that lurks around the audience throughout the show approaching the storyteller from time to time with deadly temptations.  While some of the stories were truly ghastly attention grabbers, too many were not. While the musical accompaniment was great for setting the ambiance, the actual performances were only just okay.  Combine that with the lack of visibility, making it hard for them to hold the audience’s attention, which is why I would recommend giving this show a pass.

Venue 20 - Dalnavert Museum
Audience Classification: Mature
Warnings: Outdoor venue, will move indoors if inclement weather
Length: 60 Minutes
Tickets: $10