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No Tweed Too Tight

Reviewed By: Terry Moor

July 26 2012

The tone of this spoof of 70's TV detectives is set early.  The lights are still down as the music starts.  Suddenly the lights come on briefly to reveal Ryan Gladstone as Grant Canyon, insurance investigator in a thrilling action pose.  This is repeated 3 or 4 times and already the audience is sensing that this is going to be a really fun show.  So what kind of a man is Grant Canyon?  Well for one thing, with his 70's hairstyle and of course his indestructible tweed suit he certainly looks the part of a gumshoe.  He's also a smart aleck with a seemingly inexhaustible supply of wise cracks and similes.  More similes than cigarette butts in a Winnipeg bus shelter.  (That was one of mine.  His are way funnier.  Trust me.)  And what makes him such a good investigator?  Well he's drunk virtually all of the time and sometimes astoundingly stupid.  But never mind.  Canyon is tough.  Real tough.  It's going to take more than being tied to a chair and getting punched in the face or attaching electrodes to his balls to make him quit with the wise cracks.  Unfortunately his taunts tend to make his captors beat him up some more. ( He's a bit stupid as I've mentioned.).

This is a fast paced comedy.  As high paced as a..... well never mind it's really fast paced and funny, and if you go to see it, it's a sure bet that you will be laughing your head off for an hour.

No Tweed Too Tight
Venue 17 - PTE Colin Jackson

Thu July 26, 8:15 PM
Fri July 27, 10:15 PM
Sat July 28, 5:30 PM
Sun July 29, 8:15 PM