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The Good, the Bad and the Stupid

Reviewed By: Cindy Murdoch

July 26 2012

This group of four San Francisco based physical comedians bring us a western-themed clown show to this year’s Fringe.  The show starts out in the classic style of a Charlie Chaplin routine, but then wanders into a more modern, more ridiculous and more bizarre realm of comedy.  The title really does sum up the show; there were some “good” routines in here, the characters are fun and overall the show was enjoyable to watch.  There were also some “bad” things about the show; like juggling riddled with intentional mistakes and the fact that the show went on about 15 minutes longer than it should have for this sort of comedy. 

Last but not least this show is the just plain “stupid”, although this is what makes it so silly and fun to watch.  It is not the kind of show that will have you doubled over laughing, but it is a show that will keep a smile on your face.  A warning though, there are segments of audience participation which really do push the boundary of ‘I can’t believe they’re doing this’.   Thankfully, during the performance I attended, the audience was enjoying the experience so much they had plenty of volunteers offer to come up and the ones that did were good sports about everything.  This is a goofy show that will put a smile on your face; it just should have been 15 minutes shorter. 

The Good, the Bad and the Stupid

Venue 4  – Alloway Hall (Manitoba Museum)

Thu July 26, 12:00 PM
Sun July 29, 8:15 PM