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Mamasita Can't Do It All

Reviewed By: Justin Olynyk

July 26 2012

This two-woman show was quickly changed and renamed (from Mamasita Can’t Do It All) when one of the actors couldn’t make it to the Fringe. Instead, we are left with one woman who works in an organic sprout factory. Performer Rhea Nelken delivers the lines so slowly that it kills the life from this show. The video clips that show various parts of the sprout making process were unfortunately not interesting at all. By the end of this piece, I wasn’t really sure what the writer was trying to say. Needless to say, there are better shows available at this year’s Fringe.

Mamasita Can't Do It All

Venue 10 – Planetarium Auditorium

Thu July 26, 5:30 PM
Fri July 27, 2:00 PM
Sat July 28, 9:00 PM