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The Big Stupid Improv Show

Reviewed By: Justin Olynyk

July 26 2012

The Wednesday afternoon performance of The Big Stupid Improv Show featured members of local improv troupes Crumbs and Outside Joke, plus a few out-of-town performers. The show featured short scenes framed around game shows and famous movies. Because improv is made up in the moment, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Yesterday was one of those days when things went badly wrong. Stacey Hallal’s first character went for over the top crying instead of building a real person. In a scene about lovemaking, Fraz Wiest had to ask the DJ to play romantic music instead of the novelty tune that she was playing. And, in a scene about Star Wars Episode 4, one of the performers was performing scenes from episode 5. However, the good thing about improv is that their next show will have different performers and different inspirations so it will likely be better than the show that I saw.

The Big Stupid Improv Show

Venue 12 – WAG (Muriel Richardson Auditorium)

Thu July 26, 1:45 PM
Sat July 28, 8:00 PM