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Help Survivors of Japan Quake & Tsunami
on March 16,2011 by jared
An 8.9 magnitude earthquake hit Japan late Thursday night approximately 250 miles northeast of Tokyo, sparking a tsunami warning across the Pacific region.  According to news reports, the death and injury tolls number in the hundreds. The powerful tsunami waves triggered by the earthquake swept cars, buildings, and trains away, causing additional widespread damage. The area remains on alert due to powerful aftershocks, which may last for days.

Many of our listeners, as well as many of UMFM's own volunteers, have contacted us today asking how they can help with the relief efforts. After a little research, I can suggest that donating to one of the following organizations will certainly help to make even a little difference.

Special series broadcast: Women and Water
on March 11,2011 by michael

Starting Tuesday, March 15th and running for 9 weeks, UMFM is pleased to be airing a very special series called Women and Water.

Developed by BC MLA Michelle Mungall (Nelson-Creston), this 9-part series promotes the protection of water as a human right. Stemming from representing her water-rich region and her efforts to save the Glacier-Howser watershed from a proposed private power project, Michelle developed and hosted this radio series that looks at issues sure to strike a chord with UMFM listeners concerned about the conditions of Lake Winnipeg and Manitoba's rich water resources locally and water rights globally.

About the series:

"Women and Water is a radio series that shares the stories of women advocating for water. Host Michelle Mungall is the MLA representing Nelson-Creston, a beautiful water-rich constituency in the Kootenay region of British Columbia. The show raises consciousness about threates to this basic human need through passionate interviews with women crusaders who have made it their mission to defend access to clean, pure, public water.

As activists, women play important roles in society. They stand up for their beliefs and give a strong voice to issues that matter to everyone. The women on this program are no exception. And when it comes to water they will not be mute."

While UMFM will not be airing it, Michelle will be hosting a live talk show event in Vancouver on March 22nd to mark World Water Day. The event will be broadcast live on ustream and via the Women and Water website, and will be available as a podcast on that site at a later date.

Councillors Launch Ad Campaign Asking Winnipeggers to Challenge Katz on Budget.
on March 10,2011 by jared

Six Winnipeg City Councillors are launching a social media blitz asking Winnipeggers to join them in sending a message to Mayor Sam Katz: he should think twice about controversial budget choices like recreation fee hikes, frontage levies and using sewer and water revenues for general revenue - all of which hit working families the hardest.

            Councillors Ross Eadie, Jenny Gerbasi, John Orlikow, Mike Pagtakhan, Harvey Smith, and Russ Wyatt have pooled their resources to launch a run of radio ads on  CJOB today as well as a Facebook page “No Way Sam” that asks Winnipeggers to call the mayor’s office at 986-5665 or e-mail him at to say “No way” to this budget.

            The Councillors said that the Mayor’s approach means that working families are being asked to pay more without getting improvements in infrastructure or recreation services in return.

            “We are calling for an open and responsible budget,” said Councillor Wyatt. “There should be a better way to balance the budget than hiking frontage levies and Recreation fees for working families.” 

            The frontage levies are also a “regressive” tax measure, which means everyone pays the same, no matter their income or the value of their property. In practice, it means that owners of lower-value properties with a wide lot may pay much more than people with higher-value properties with a small lot. In one example, a home worth $75,000 on would pay $84.15 - nearly five times as much as the $17.85 paid by a million-dollar residence worth 13 times more.

            Though it has been argued the frontage fee is justified because it costs more to service larger lots, the budget shows the funds going to general revenue, and not being dedicated to fixing infrastructure and roads.

            Using sewer and water fees for general revenue is also controversial, since the City of Winnipeg’s combined rates for sewer and water are among the highest in Canada.

            “This is a fundamental issue of tax fairness,” said Councillor Pagtakhan. “The Mayor has chosen as his main new source of revenue a levy that simply does not take into account the homeowner’s ability to pay, and that isn’t right.” 

            The issue of recreation fees are also significant because city facilities are an affordable way for families and children to get involved in sports and exercise. The Mayor has justified increases by saying that the programs aren’t profitable.

            Councillor Gerbasi said that profit-making is not the main reason for providing recreation programs. “They’re not a business, they are a service we provide that helps families exercise and play together, and keeps kids out of trouble.” 

            The six councillors say that the Mayor needs to go back to the drawing board and find a fair solution “We are willing to be a part of any deliberations, but so long as it is a closed process, the onus will remain on the Mayor to propose solutions,” said Councillor Smith.



Ross Eadie – 986-5188

Jenny Gerbasi – 986-5878

John Orlikow - 986-5236

Mike Pagtakhan – 986-8401

Harvey Smith - 986-5951

Russ Wyatt - 803-4049

on March 8,2011 by jared

Yuri's Night is a network of Global Parties that celebrate the anniversary of the first manned space flight, piloted by Soviet Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin on April 12th, 1961. All over the world each year on April 12th, planners put together both large scale and small scale parties, celebrating the culture, science and spirit of manned space exploration.

Come celebrate with us with a day (and night) full of space themed fun, activities, exhibits !!!!

mrghosty and the staff at The Manitoba Museum are working hard to make this year's celebration one for the books! Here's what you can expect!

This interactive exhibition presents the history of space exploration and takes a look at what the future may hold for humans in space.

Live science demonstrations and interactive stations will engage visitors of all ages.

(attendance is FREE to all, and the exhibit will be open late to those coming to the party later in the evening)!!!

***FAIRLY SCIENTIFIC INDIE SCIENCE FAIR!!!! 12pm-5pm***Remember those science fairs from your youth? Want to relive those moments? Make a volcano, an electro magnet or anything else related to SCIENCE!!! if you're interested in creating an exhibit? All you have to do is email: to register your project!!!! Winners of the science fair will receive prizes, ribbons, and free admission to the party in the Planetarium later on (and get to show off your winning projects to party attendees)!!!!

***SCIENCE GALLERY SHINDIG!!! (8pm-1am) *$10 admission, cash bar, 18+.***
*cruise the exhibits in the science gallery, play with fun experiments.
*get your picture taken in REAL astronaut attire at the photo booth.
*play games in the mini space arcade on vintage consoles and the Winnitron 1000!
*play with PO-MOTION, the PO-MO PROJECT's interactive floor projections!!!

Grab a drink, and a snack while listening to the DJ stylings of:

*Tyler Crichton
*Bit Cadet - team20XX
*dj sELF - Elfin Sound/Caffix Records - Science Psy

***GUEST SPEAKERS!!! (time and speakers TBA)***
Just like last year, we will have a number of guest speakers giving talks and answering your questions on all things scientific!!!

*** PLANETARIUM DANCE PARTY!!! (9pm-1am)***
Dance under the dome with 4 screens of live space themed video projections by Tyrone Deise of OnionUnion and mrghosty!!!

featuring music by:

Freak Alien (aka p_aul from mixhard)
DIAL-UP (readymix)
the SHAKE (Manalogue and Lotek)

and last but not least:

Come dressed as your favorite science/ science fiction persona/ character/ etc, mingle with beings from outerspace and compete for amazing space themed prizes in our COSTUME CONTEST!!!

Celebrate Record Store Day Everyday!
on March 8,2011 by jared

(But especially Saturday, April 16th...)

This Saturday, the fifth annual Record Store Day hits stores with plenty of sales to keep music fans busy. But there's more to the festivities than just 40%-off stickers and rare vinyl.

Celebrated the third Saturday in April, Record Store Day takes over more than 700 independently owned music stores internationally. In addition to sales and specially-released merchandise, stores offer special programming, from live performances to cook-outs to parades. The event was founded in 2007 to celebrate the art of music.

Locally, several stores are officially participating in the celebration, including Into the Music, Music Trader, Winnipeg Folk Festival Music Store, War On Music, Red River Book Store, Planet of Sound, and Argy's Collectibles offer their own events. Head to Into the Music, Music Trader and the Winnipeg Folk Festival music store to catch sets by homegrown talent like Vampires, This Hisses, Scott Nolan, Rambling Dan Frechette, The Telepathic Butterflies, and more while perusing blowout sales.

After the business day ends, the party moves to The Lo Pub where participating stores come together for a night of music courtesy of DJ Hunnicutt and Triunfo de Gato, and the second edition of live music trivia game show.