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It's Transition Time!
on October 4,2010 by jared

Please be advised that UMFM will be temporarily moving our studios on Tuesday, October 5th as part of our ongoing studio renovation project that is nearing completion.  As we will be moving our entire computer network, including our automation system and traffic computers, none of our regular hosts will be in again until Thursday, October 8th. Also during this time, our online stream will be down and we will be without email capibilities for roughly 4 to 6 hours. Thank you for your patience while we move towards a bigger and better sounding UMFM!

Bison Football Returns To UMFM!
on August 27,2010 by jared

Bison Sports, in conjunction with UMFM, is pleased to announce the return of Bison Football to the radio airwaves for the full 2010 season. UMFM will be the exclusive location to listen to all the home and away action of Bison Football during the upcoming year.

The 2010 Manitoba Bison Football season kicks off with their first Canada West regular season game on the road against the Regina Rams on Friday, September 3rd at 8 p.m.

For all road games, there will be a 15-minute pre-game show while there is a 30-minute pre-game show for all home games.

The full schedule for 2010 is as follows:

DATE        OPPONENT            TIME          PLACE/RESULT

Sep. 3       @Regina                 8 pm         Mosaic Stadium
Sep. 11     Alberta                   2 pm         University Stadium
Sep. 18     @UBC                      3 pm         Thunderbird Stadium
Sep. 25     Calgary                   1 pm         University Stadium
Oct. 1        @Saskatchewan  8 pm         Griffiths Stadium (Saskatoon, SK)


Oct. 16      Regina                   2 pm          University Stadium
Oct. 23      @ Alberta             2 pm          Foote Field (Edmonton, AB)
Oct. 30      UBC                        1 pm          University Stadium

We're also happy to announce that Men's & Women's Hockey will be returning to the UMFM airwaves starting in late November, so be sure to check back to get the full schedule!

Website Ch-ch-ch-changes!
on August 6,2010 by jared
Hey all you loyal UMFM listeners, you asked for it, so I am happy to report that you can now view the playlists for your favorite UMFM shows by visiting the program grid and clicking on the program in question! We're also working hard to restore all of the playlist archives from the old site, so look for that in the near future. Also recently added is the ability to export any playlist on the site to a text file, so you can copy it down and take it with you!

We've also brought back our campus & community radio links page, so you can check out one of the more than 70 C&C radio stations across the country.

Over the next few weeks, we'll be adding many more site enhancements that should make your surfing experience more enjoyable! If you have any ideas as to how we can improve our site, we'd love to hear them! Just email and we'll be sure to take them under advisement!

Thanks for your patience and continued support!
Call & Response Needs Your Support!
on August 4,2010 by jared

As of August 28th, the deadline is being extended to September 30th, 2010!

Some possible submission ideas....

Top 10 shows, Song Lyrics, time line diagrams of the wpg scene or your entry to the live music scene, poems, interviews, short stories/essays, quotes... pictures of crowds interacting with each other, artists interacting with the crowds...would love to see more of those pics!

Your submission's are only limited to your imagination!!!


For more information on the entire project, please read below!


Call/Response is a book about live music and youth culture in Winnipeg. It is being produced in support of one of Canada's most vital resources - Kids Help Phone . Call/Response will not only show us the musicians, but will feature the energy of the young crowds that make for a great show. This book of art and literature will collaborate works by local photographers, writers, visual artists, and collectors inspired by the Winnipeg music scene. Submissions are open to the public.

The project’s goal is to raise money for Kids Help Phonewhile increasing awareness for issues facing youth. The book will sell for $25; a minimum of $10 from each sale will be donated to Kids Help Phone. This project is currently seeking support from local businesses and individuals. In order to cover production and print costs, Call/Response must raise $15,000. We accept all donations but ask for increments of $100, $250, $500 and $1000 to help with our goal. All sponsors will have their name and logo printed on a dedicated page with size determined by donation.

"Amazing things happen when the talent of a community comes together. Kids Help Phone is vitally dependent on community support to remain available to kids looking for help. We are thrilled that the organizers have chosen to support Kids Help Phone through this exciting project that will surely become a piece of Manitoba history." Nadine Woon, Manager, Marketing and Fund Development Kids Help Phone , Manitoba Regional Office

Youth have fueled Winnipeg’s music scene. Call/Response will tell this story in a sixty plus page, 12" x 12" large format book made of photographs, collages, writing, and memorabilia. Call/Response will be published in February 2010 and a minimum of 1,000 copies will be distributed across Canada.

Deadline for submissions is AUGUST 31, 2010. Visual elements could include photographs, posters, tickets, memorabilia, and other oddities. Written elements could include essays, lyrics, set lists, and other ramblings inspired by music. You can submit up to 10 photographs, posters, items of memorabilia, etc. You can submit up to 5 pieces of written work.

Photo submission should be in the JPEG format, with a long edge no bigger than 1024 pixels and 72 dpi. Please include the title of the photograph, the names of the bands, the show date, venue, and any other details you think are appropriate. If your work is selected for the book you must provide a high resolution file (either TIFF, or PSD and 300 dpi).

If you are submitting memorabilia, please submit a photo of the piece you wish to contribute. Written works should be submitted as RTF, TXT or DOC files.

Submissions depicting drug and/or alcohol consumption will not be eligible.

Please show your support for Kids Help Phone , the arts and live music in Winnipeg.

For more details please go to

CRTC Releases New Campus & Community Radio Policy
on July 27,2010 by jared
On July 22nd the CRTC, Canada's Radio & Television Commission released a brand new policy in regards to the governance, mandate and definition of campus & community radio stations in Canada. The culmination of more than a year's worth of hearings, reviews and submissions, this new policy aims to provide a simplified approach in regards to the licensing for campus and community stations, including elimination of the campus instructional category, elimination of the distinction between Type A & Type B community stations, as well as revised provisions for developmental stations.

In addition this new policy has outlined some major changes to Canadian content regulations for our sector, increasing CanCon requirements from 35 to 40%, made changes in the requirement for spoken word programming, and has finally addressed to issue of categorizing turntablism and sound collage under the existing CanCon system. Please take the time to review the entire policy to fully understand how it will affect some of your favorite local radio stations!