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Transmissions Cover


This year's collection showcases another great sample of Winnipeg’s local talent that UMFM’s show hosts and volunteers draw upon and broadcast every hour of every day. Winnipeg has a long history of producing big name acts, cult-classics, diamonds-in-the-rough, punk rock legends, and “must-see” bands and artists. And UMFM is extremely proud to have played a big part over the years in getting the word out about all of them.

The CD you now hold in your hands were recorded 100% in our own live studio, a small sampling of the great performances we’ve recorded and featured online at and broadcast on 101.5 FM. It runs the gamut of sounds and styles, and in that way it’s emblematic of UMFM’s programming. The songs were also performed and recorded by local talents volunteering their time, and in that way this compilation is emblematic of UMFM’s focus on supporting the local arts scene and the volunteer-driven nature of the station.

If you are reading this, we sincerely hope that you’re about to make a donation or contribution in some way to UMFM, and perhaps more importantly, you are probably one of our listeners. THANK YOU! You may not play guitar in a band or volunteer to host a show, but you are nonetheless a huge part (perhaps the most important part…) of what makes volunteer, community-based radio so special. So spread the word: Tell your friends about your favorite UMFM show, play this cd in your car (loud!), go see one of the bands featured in this collection, or become a volunteer at the station. Most importantly…keep listening!

Remember, the only way to get your hands on one of these special compilations is to support UMFM’s Pledge-O-Rama! These are available with a minimum $25 pledge, which is a small price to pay for this great, limited edition compilation of Winnipeg music!



1. iFollow – Stars Transmissions Back Cover
2. Trampoline – Dog Collar
3. June Killing Stones – Dear Universe
4. Apollo Suns – A Study In Red
5. Hearing Trees – Kites
6. Mulligrub  – Sprite Zero
7. Lindsey White – Monster
8. 1971 – White Lies
9. Permanent Mistake – Device
10. Holy Void – Climb
11. The Heights – These Nights
12. Sapphire Empire – Cage of Gold
13. Lev Snowe – Now and Then
14. FINN – Easy Read
15. Somebody Language – After The Party                                
16. Sam Singer - Happy, No                            
17. Holly Ruth and the Grey Jays – Peanut Butter and Honey
18. Iskwe- Slack Jaw
19. T. Nautilus – The Cottage


Transmissions From UMFM 101.5 2016 is dedicated to the memory of our friend and former programmer Jonah Nepon. If everyone had the same love of music and passion for supporting the local scene as he did, Winnipeg would be an even better place than it already is. Jonah, you remain an inspiration.