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The Politics Hour Archive

Since Anatol is in Russia this week Zach Dark from Bad Intonation joins as guest host. We were gonna talk about news and current events but instead talked about who we follow on Twitter, and why social media is so relevant in our current political climate.
This week we go over the federal changes to sexual assault policy, talk about the U of M's sexual assault policy with help from a written interview with Jackie Gruber and interview an anonymous complainant who went through the U of M's process under the policy introduced last year and learn what it's like for a real student to go through the system.
A politics show! (I don't remember what we talked about, have some surprise news!)
This week Anatol was away touring so Tom Ingram is our guest co-host! We talk more about BC elections and the possibility of government dissolving, interview Cal Dueck about the Parker Wetlands conservation effort and give a final update about Police in the Winnipeg Pride Parade.
This is our Pride week episode, we talk about the history of Pride, what's happening around Winnipeg, explain what's going on in Chechnya as well as updating you on some previous topics covered.