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Ultrasonic Film

Hosts:James Borsa & Friends
ShowtypeHomegrown Talk
Genre(s) Entertainment
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Ultrasonic Film is one of the longest running film talk programs in Canada! We have been airing non-stop since Sept 1998! Host James Borsa reviews movies, interviews guests, chats with co-hosts, plays clips and enjoys celebrating film!

James has a film degree from our own U of M and has interviewed everyone from David Cronenberg to Rob Schneider, he is joined by Jenn who has a Masters in Cinema and currently resides in Toronto! Eric who has worked many years in a video store and currently resides in Edmonton!  And Ayla who has previously organized a small film festival and lives right here in Winnipeg!

Conveniently airing Thursday night at 10pm, why not tune in to see what to catch this coming weekend?



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