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January 15

On the Program this Sunday our re-play with Raymond Hermenet, "whose passion, or mission in life, is to be the messenger of what Embera people call their hidden science. This came to be after the European invasion of what is now called Panama; the real meaning of which is Mother Holy Land. The science of which I speak is traditional Native American medicine which has been held in the clan of Placeres, a powerful shaman from a clan of shamans reaching back to the beginning. Her daughter, my wife, is a gifted curandera, or botanica. In short this is a clan of healers in the shamanic, and botanical, science of healing as taught to them by our Creator." .....Enjoy!!!
Artist Title Album

Set #1

Robbie Robertson(intro) UnboundContact from the Underworld of Redboy
Robbie Robertson/UlaliAncestor SongMusic for The Native Americans
John TrudellListening/Honor SongTRIBAL VOICE

Set #2

Red Shadow SingersManitou ApiManitou Api- A Return to the Centre
Robbie RobertsonPeyote HealingContact from the Underworld of Redboy

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