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July 23

Zeitgeist The Movie If you've ever felt as though you were a small part in a very large world, Zeitgeist, the Movie will reaffirm your feeling. This compelling documentary explores manipulations of the American masses by those with wealth and power. By employing three main themes (Christianity, September 11th, and the Federal Reserve) that seemingly have nothing to do with one another, this film may enlighten (or offend) Americans that are spellbound to change the balance of power in the world. The massive conspiracy that's painted before our eyes is controversial, thought-provoking and gripping. Peter Joseph presents his powerful argument to people that are conditioned to accept the American government and the media as truth. However, he doesn't take a subtle approach that will be easy to swallow for every viewer. Zeitgeist, the Movie isn't for everyone. If you're interested in exploring the depth of lies, corruption, secrets and manipulation that's spoon-fed to us, you'll most likely find that the two hours it will take you to watch this film will be spent constructively. Nevertheless, people who are easily offended should probably skip this documentary. After all, films about mass-manipulation, religious manipulation, false flag operations, hidden agendas, economical manipulation and hidden truths aren't everyone's cup of tea.