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Not Your Boys Club

January 12

mostly pop

Artist Title Album

Set #1

gg peachlacymelt
bearcatsknivesno friends
anna burchasking 4 a friendquit the course
neckingdaddy issuesmeditation tape
leadrsit's alrightBPD
shamirstraight boyrevelations
camp counselorthe day i met yourose ceremony
shitkidfavourite thingthis is it
the bathmatsbathmats, baby!the bathmats

Set #2

japanese breakfasteverybody wants to love youpsychopomp
stretch panicouija boyghost coast
tei shibabycrawl space
schlitziewaffle houseschlitzie
shiny timesblue jacketsecret memos
the shivasi've had enoughsingle
VEINSbabymoon garden
bullyfeel the samelosing
maybe babyghosts

Set #3

luna lineed a lil loveopal angel
ribbon tiednot the regular kindpast finding out
blue hawaiino one like youtenderness
bald britneyloser pigeon

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