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Featured Partner

Eat 'Em Up Records

Offered Incentive: Free Soda With $30 Purchase

Let's face it, everyone loves friends with benefits, and here at UMFM we've got some of the best!  As a Friends with Benefits card holder, you'll be able to enjoy some excellent special offers and fantastic discounts at the following businesses.  

A couple of things to consider:

  • Be sure to frequent and support these great local businesses whenever you can, we guarantee that the are top notch!  All incentives provided on the UMFM Friends With Benefits Card are subject to change, this page is your best source of up to date information regarding the Benefits card!
  • While this card doesn't entitle you to using the facilities at UMFM, we're always looking for volunteers, so come visit us at UMFM Headquarters.
  • If you have any questions about this card, or you are a business that would like to be included on next year's card, give us a call at 204-474-7027 or email
  • The 2014/15 UMFM Friends With Benefits Card is valid until October 31, 2015.

Thank you once again for your support, it's great listeners like you that make this all worthwhile!

Argy's Collectibles

Incentive Offered: 10% Off Regularly Priced Merchandise
Address: Unit 9-1604 St. Mary's Road, Winnipeg MB, R2M 3W5
Phone: 204-253-8452

Argy's was founded, primarily, as a record store, but then adding posters, cassettes, CD's, trading cards, comics, DVD's and Rock merchandise. We've seen many fads come and go and have adapted to the times and changes. When the store was first opened it was to bring good music to the masses in a neighbourhood or area that had never had this sort of store before. Argy's is a one of a kind store; offering a little bit of everything to the card collector or music afficionado.

Big Fun!

Incentive Offered: 10% off a festival pass purchased at music trader (limit one per person)

Big Fun is an annual music festival taking place in multiple venues throughout the Exchange District and surrounding area the last weekend of January. Using Winnipeg’s prairie winter as the backdrop, we will be showcasing the wealth of Manitoba’s artists alongside our historic downtown. The goal of Big Fun is to present various genres of music and art over the course of four days, taking the shows out of overused bars and clubs, occupying galleries, lofts, and warehouse spaces instead to create an entirely new event experience.

Bison Athletics

Incentive Offered: Buy 1 Admission, Get 1 Free (Regular Season Games Only)
Address: 124 Frank Kennedy, Winnipeg MB, R3T 2N2
Phone: 204-474-7481

Be part of the action all season long and check out the Brown & Gold!.  Providing the best value for your sports entertainment  dollar, Bison Sports has a number of Varsity Sports events scheduled for the 2012-2013 season including Football, Men's and Women's Hockey, Basketball and Volleyball and Women's Soccer.

Cassie Klassen Massage Therapy

Incentive Offered: 25% off an hour long massage, with appointment (Monday - Friday, 9AM - 4PM)
Address: 2nd Floor - 684 Osborne Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3L 2B8
Phone: 204-294-9254

Cassie Klassen has been a Remedial Massage Therapist (RMT) in Winnipeg for more than 15 years. With a holistic approach to health and wellness, Cassie provides clients with expert treatment in a number of different massage techniques. Whether you have sustained an injury from sports, work or just life, Cassie will work with you to create a treatment plan that will achieve your personal goals.


Incentive Offered: $4 off regular priced admission
Address: Main Floor, 100 Arthur Street, Winnipeg, MB, R3B 1H3
Phone: 204-925-3456

Cinematheque has been operated by the Winnipeg Film Group for 30 years. Founded in 1974, the Film Group is a charitable, artist-run organization committed to promoting the art of cinema with a special focus on supporting Winnipeg, Manitoba and Canadian filmmakers. Cinematheque is an intimate movie theatre devoted to screening the very best in Canadian and world cinema. More than just screening films, we also provide artist talks, panel discussions and special events to feed the minds of cinema fans.

Cohort Custom Tickets

Incentive Offered: 10% discount on all regular orders
Address: 2B - 91 Albert Street
Phone: 204-979-8497

We print tickets that are numbered and perforated for you to sell or distribute for your event.  They can include your choice of artwork and have print on both sides of the ticket if necessary.  You also have your choice of stock colours whether you choose to print in greyscale or colour.

Cold Bones Creative

Incentive Offered: 20% Off All Graphic Design Work
Address: 557 Sherburn Street, Winnipeg MB, R3G 2K8
Phone: 204-803-2829

Cold Bones Colour & Light was officially founded in the spring of 2011 and though CBC&L was only founded recently, they have been freelancing for years. In the beginning, most of the work was merchandise related designs and posters for bands in the Winnipeg area.  With CBC&L, the work has expanded, branching off into logos, branding, illustration, and web design, while still doing a large amount of poster work and merchandise design.

Columbus Radio

Incentive Offered: 10% off all turntable stylus's and cartridges
Address: 1151 Sanford St, Winnipeg, MB R3E 3A1
Phone: 204-775-0435

If it's electronic, we can fix it!  We specialize in stereos and turntables of all makes, models and eras!  We also stock a large number of parts and supplies for with the audiophile in mind!


Incentive Offered: Free 12 oz. Fair Trade Coffee w/min $5 Breakfast Purchase Before 10AM
Address: 3rd Floor University Centre
Phone: 204-474-7370

Degree's mission  is to provide a fresh, healthy variety of food for the staff, students and wider campus community at the University of Manitoba. We strive to use local, organic products to create all of our menu items from scratch. Our eclectic menu offers and array of fast but healthy food, with cuisine from Italian to Indian, and blended with staples like hamburgers and falafel. Degrees is another service provided by the University of Manitoba Students' Union.

Eat 'Em Up Records

Incentive Offered: Free Soda With $30 Purchase
Address: 466 Sherbrook Avenue, Winnipeg MB, R3B 2W5
Phone: 204-221-6021

Winnipeg's home for rare, obscure punk and rock ’n’ roll music, plus a huge selection of compilations of rare
’60s music, late ’70s punk music as well as strange exotica albums and singles. We may not have the Beatles
record you are looking for but we have hundreds of other records from the ’60s that will blow your mind.


Incentive Offered: One FREE Americano or Espresso with food purchase over $5.
Address: 171 McDermot Ave, Winnipeg MB, R3B 0S1

Forth aims to be a space that builds community and inspires collaboration. We also make great food, coffee and drinks. Get an amazing coffee to go on your way to work, or get comfortable. Do some work, have a late lunch, attend a workshop. Explore the intersections between art, food, tech and culture.

Green Apple Skate Shop

Incentive Offered: 10% off all regular priced clothing and footwear
Address: 836 Corydon Ave, Winnipeg, MB, R3M 0Y2
Phone: 204-415-6026

Winnipeg, 1992. Green Apple was born. Firstly named Red Apple after the discount store across the street from a local skate spot, Red Apple quickly transformed into Green Apple due to a rival skate gang under the same name.   Fast forward to today, and it's bloom into something more than local, thanks to the creative minds of Ryan McGuigan and Mike McDermott.  Great shoes, clothes and skate gear! Friendly staff, satisfaction is guarenteed!

Half Pints Brewing Co.

Incentive Offered: 25% off Store Merchandise, Beer Not Included!
Address: 550 Roseberry Street, Winnipeg MB, R3H 0T1
Phone: 204-832-PINT(7468)

Winnipeg's only locally owned and manufactured craft brewery strives to make the best beer available while pushing the boundaries of what beer drinkers think they know about the frosty beverage.

Think local, drink local -- life's too short to drink shitty beer.

Store Front Hours:
Mon-Fri: 9-6
Sat: 9-5 (with a free tour at 1 pm)
Sun: Closed

Into The Music

Incentive Offered: 10% Off Regularly Priced Vinyl, CD's & Cassettes - New & Used*
Address: B-245 McDermot Avenue, Winnipeg MB, R3B 0S6
Phone: 204-287-8279

Open since 1987, we have become Winnipeg, Manitoba's largest independent record store. Specializing in everything from the latest indie pop, to psych and prog rarities, punk and metal classics and everything in between. Friendly knowledgeable staff, an extensive website, live in-stores, and a massive selection of thousands of new and used CD, LP's and 45's of pretty much any genre you can imagine!

*Some Restrictions

Jazz Winnipeg

Incentive Offered: 10% Off Festival Jazz Pass Pass and Select Concert Season Performances
Address: 007-100 Arthur Street, Winnipeg MB, R3B 1H3
Phone: 204-989-4656

Jazz Winnipeg produces one of the most exciting festivals in Canada, bar none. Each June the festival features live performances from the finest local, national and international jazz artists. Throughout the year, they also produce concerts featuring high profile touring artists, the Nu Sounds Series that showcases some incredible local talent, free workshops led by today’s best jazz musicians and Jazz on Wheels which takes jazz into the streets for all to enjoy.

Jonnies Sticky Buns

Incentive Offered: 15% of Any Purchase
Address: 941 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg MB, R3G 0P9
Phone: 204-415-7287

At Jonnies Sticky Buns, we try to do as much as possible with one little thing: the cinnamon bun. With this spiral treat as the canvas we have created sweet and savoury options from the traditional to the unusual.With so many flavours abd ingredients it's important to us to get as many as possible from local sources.Our ingredients are sourced from local farmers and producers and working with these people is about strengthening the community and our place in that community. If we are invested in our neighbours,our city, and our province, then we hope that they will be invested in us as well.

King & Bannatyne

Incentive Offered: Free pickle with purchase of any sandwich!
Address: Unit 4 - 100 King Street, Winnipeg, MB,
Phone: 204-691-9757

The pre-eminent Sandwich Shop in Winnipeg, dedicated to crafting Hand-Carved, Slow Roasted Meat Sandwiches. Located in the Heart of Winnipeg's Exchange District on the Southwest corner of King St. + Bannatyne Ave.

Planet Of Sound

Incentive Offered: 10% off any used product (instore)
Address: 201-1109 Henderson Highway, Winnipeg, MB, R2G 1L4
Phone: 204-667-6863

One of Winnipeg's oldest Independent (and 100% Manitoba owned) second-hand music, video game and movie shops.  Celebrating 12 years in business, let us help you find that special CD, VIDEO GAME or DVD to add to your collection!  Stop by and see us on Henderson Highway and check out our large assortment of Compact Discs, DVD movies, Video Games, Laser-discs, Witty humour, Blu-Ray movies, T-Shirts and good times!

Queste Musique

Incentive Offered: 5% Off Any Acoustic Guitar Priced Over $200
Address: 1308 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg MB, R3G 0V2
Phone: 204-233-4151

Quest Musique is a company based in Winnipeg aimed at assisting the local music community. Quest Musique operates 2 music stores located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada as well as a worldwide online store. Music is a big part of people's lives. And we're here to help people, whatever their musical level.

Scam Skate

Incentive Offered: 10% off all instore items
Address: 100-414 Graham Ave, Winnipeg MB, R3C 0L8
Phone: 205-504-6227

Scam Skate is a local skateboard company born out of a desire to bring something different to the scene. It's a company dedicated to supporting skaters from all walks of life; whether you are brand new to skating or have been doing it your whole life, you are welcome at Scam Skate. While they offer all of the necessities of any skate shop, they also manufacture longboards right here in Winnipeg and ship them all over the world. If you happen to be downtown, venture into the shop and skate the indoor mini-ramp or watch videos in the "Chill Room".

Send & Receive Festival

Incentive Offered: $2 off entry to any send + receive event
Address: 43-221 McDermot Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, R3B 0S2

send + receive is an international festival that investigates the discipline of experimental music and sound art, and is one of the few annual media arts festivals in North America focusing exclusively on sound-based work. It has become an invaluable opportunity for showcasing the innovative work of Manitoban, Canadian and international artists. send + receive addresses the need for a critical and intimate platform for audio based art. With feedback from the public, collaborating arts groups, and artists, send + receive meets the creative and technical needs of professional artists.

Sk8 Skates

Incentive Offered: 10% Off Regularly Priced Shoes & Clothing
Address: 225-1 Forks Market Road, Winnipeg MB, R3C 4L9
Phone: 204-452-4802

Sk8 Skates is more than just skateboard store, it is a family of individuals committed to strengthening the Winnipeg skateboard scene. Sk8 has been locally-owned, by skateboarders, since 1987 and is one of the longest standing skateboard shops in Canada. We specialize in skateboards and skateboarding apparel, including men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing and footwear. Sk8 is conveniently located next the the Plaza Skate Park at the Forks!

Sleepy Owl Bread

Incentive Offered: 10% off any loaves of bread
Address: 751 Wall Street
Phone: 204-417-6444

At Sleepy Owl Bread we focus on producing from-scratch breads and pastries. All of our products are baked fresh daily. Our menu maybe small but it allows us to ensure a high quality product which is the core of our bakery.

Special T Shirt Company

Incentive Offered: 10% off all regularly priced orders
Address: 464 Hargrave Street, Winnipeg MB, R3A 0X5
Phone: 1-888-997-2205

We have earned our reputation as one of Canada’s foremost Printing, Embroidery, and Promotional Products suppliers and have earned the trust of countless customers right across Canada and beyond as a result of our very simple philosophy, “Treat the Customer as We Ourselves Would Want to be Treated.”

Steve The Button Man

Incentive Offered: 100 1" buttons for $20 / 100 1.25" buttons for $25; 10% off for orders of 200+
Address: 623 Beverley Street, Winnipeg MB, R3E 2A5

Need some super cool buttons to promote your band, your business or your event?  Look no further than Steve The Button Man!  I offer affordably priced, well made buttons in a variety of sizes with a guarenteed fast turnaround time!

The Good Will Social Club

Incentive Offered: 15% off draught or house beer (pitchers or mugs)
Address: 625 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg MB, R3B 2G4
Phone: 204-221-1577

The Good Will Social Club is a bar, venue, eatery and coffee shop located in Winnipeg’s West End.

Our goal is to provide and support a home away from home for Winnipeg’s ever changing members of the community. We support art, music and most of all the city’s eclectic group of trendsetters. The Good Will is a space to discover the best in local, national, and international music with the combination of pizza and over 12 craft beers on tap.

Winnipeg is rich with history, culture, and a strong sense of community. The Good Will is tapped into every part of it. We are the venue for a city in growth.

The Handsome Daughter

Incentive Offered: 10% off all food
Address: 61 Sherbrooke Street, Winnipeg, MB, R3C 2B2
Phone: 204-615-2977

The Handsome Daughter is a live music venue, bar, and late night snack spot.

The Hub Social Club

Incentive Offered: 1/2 price wings with purchase of a pint of St. James Pale Ale!
Address: 3rd Floor University Centre, University of Manitoba
Phone: 204-474-7072

The Hub Social Club is the newest hotspot at the University of Manitoba, a beautiful, brand new campus pub provided to you by the University of Manitoba Students' Union! Come check us out. No membership required! 18+. We offer live entertainment, DJ`s, great food and drink specials, and a fun, friendly environment to meet friends!

The Park Theatre

Incentive Offered: 20% off venue rentals; $4.50 16oz Half Pints Draft (Bull Dog or Lil' Scrapper); $1 fountain pop
Address: 698 Osborne Street, Winnipeg MB, R3L 2B9
Phone: 204-478-7275

The Park Theatre Café, now in its Eleventh year of operations, has grown into one of Winnipeg’s premier live event venues. With over 300 events a year spanning music, comedy, theatre, and film, the room has become home to an expansive community of artists, which paid off in 2014, when the Park Theatre was awarded “Venue of the Year” at the Western Canadian Music Award’s, after being nominated for the same award in both 2012 and 2013.

The Strong Badger Coffeehouse

Incentive Offered: Free Drip Coffee With Any Purchase
Address: 679 Sargent Avenue, Winnipeg MB, R3E 0A7
Phone: 204-500-1382

he Strong Badger Coffeehouse aims to create an inclusive, welcoming space where Winnipeggers can come for a damn good cup of coffee or tea and to enjoy Winnipeg's vibrant arts & culture scene. We envision a place where developing musicians, artists, and writers can find a home to hone their crafts and where everybody can come to find some good conversation.

The Urban Bakery

Incentive Offered: 15% Off All Purchases
Address: 407 Graham Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3C 0L3
Phone: 204-947-2664

Peg City's #1 stop for the freshest style, from kicks to clothes and everything in between.  Also stocking smoking accessories and graf supplies!  Your local headquarters for the latest gear from Stussy Raised by Wolves, Huf, Nike & Retro Air Jordans and more! Check us out on instagram for the lowdown on our latest sales and events!

Times Change(d) High & Lonesome Club

Incentive Offered: 10% Off Any Food Purchase
Address: 234 Main Street, Winnipeg MB, R3C 1A9
Phone: 204-957-0982

Times Change(d) High and Lonesome Club, at the corner of St. Mary and Main, plays a big role in the Winnipeg music scene.  While many greats have graced the stage, and the club's nurturing many a home grown up-and-comer is what sets it apart!  Times isn't just a bar that serves beer that you can find on any corner in any town,it's the hub and heartbeat of an entire massive music and arts scene. We Gotta Lotta Livin To Do. Let's Do It Together!!!

University Of Manitoba Bookstore

Incentive Offered: 20% Off All Regular Priced Sportswear & Backpacks
Address: 140 University Centre, Winnipeg MB, R3T 2N2
Phone: 204-474-8321

Your one stop shop for books and supplies of all kinds on the Fort Garry Campus of the U of M!  Not only do we sell text books, but we offer carry magazines, general reading titles, art supplies, clothing, knick knacks, computers and more!

Wild Planet

Incentive Offered: 10% Of All Purchases Over $30
Address: 217 Osborne Street, Winnipeg MB, R3L 1Z4
Phone: 204-956-4400

Canada's largest selection of amazing music T-Shirts, spanning all genres from Punk to Funk to Rap to Reggae to Metal, plus TV, Movie and Miscellaneous T-Shirts as well!  We also carry a wide variety of hats, hoodies, wallets, belt buckles & toques! Located adjacent to Confusion Corner.

Winnipeg Record & Tape Co.

Incentive Offered: 10% of regular priced merchandise
Address: 1079 Wellington Avenue, Winnipeg, MB,
Phone: 204-783-7835

Online since 2005, The Winnipeg Record & Tape Co. retail store opened in the summer of 2013. We specialize in factory sealed vinyl LP’s, cassettes, 8 track tapes and CD’s as well as an extensive selection of gently used vinyl  lp’s , DJ  12” promo singles and 7” 45 RPM singles that cover 7 decades of music history. Dig through the bargain bins in the back corner , place a special order through one of our many distributors  or check out our music related book and giftware selections. Store hours are posted weekly on our website where you can also sign up for our mailing lists to be kept up to date on new arrivals and special events.

Yellow Dog Tavern

Incentive Offered: 10% off food orders over $10
Address: 386 Donald Street, Winnipeg, MB, R2B 2J2
Phone: 204-775-6676

It`s a bloody tavern, not some trendy Gastro Pub people. Good Beer, Grub & Music -- the essentials are what matters!