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Jazz Winnipeg

Offered Incentive: 10% Off Festival Jazz Pass Pass and Select Concert Season Performances

Donate Now!
on October 15,2017 by jared

Pledge Your Support For Great Radio In Winnipeg!
on October 10,2017 by jared

Since returning to Winnipeg's airwaves in 1998, UMFM has been providing a diverse range of music and talk programming to Winnipeg. As with any organization, we have changed and evolved over the years but at its core, UMFM has maintained a mandate to provide our listeners a forum for music and voices that may otherwise go unheard.

Since 1998, the station's core funding has been fairly steady with student fees and a small amount of advertising revenue ensuring UMFM could continue operating year in and year out. However, some of the costs associated with running a radio station outpace core funding and so we raise funds through an annual funding drive that helps pay for some of our fixed costs including radio tower rent, monthly technical support and computer network maintenance and utilities. Additionally we direct these funds toward larger, exciting capital projects.

Pledge-O-Rama 2017 is right around the corner, and this year, 100% of funds raised during Pledge-O-Rama will go towards 4 key projects: building a new, digitizing our music library, replacing our core broadcast computers and installing new UMFM listening hotspots on the U of M Campus!

All pledges, big or small make a difference!  You can pre-pledge now by visiting our website and clicking on the donate link, or you can call us at 204-474-6610 starting October 13th at 6:30, and running until 8PM on October 20th - please dig deep and donate generously!

Plainly stated, during Pledge-O-Rama this year, our goal is to raise is $34,000.  Starting at 6:30PM on October 13th and running through to 8PM on October 20th, all of our hardworking showhosts and volunteers will be hitting the airwaves and taking your calls in in an effort to reach our goal. $34,000 isn't an arbitrary number to us, it represents roughly 15% of our operating budget and would go a long want towards assisting in the day to day maintenance and operation of UMFM. 

After Pledge-O-Rama kicks off, we'll be answering those phones daily from 6AM until 3AM.  However, if you miss during our prime pledge hours, you can just leave us a message at 204-474-6610 or drop us a line at and one of our Smooth Phone Operators will get back to you ASAP!  Or if you want to come down to the station during Pledge-O-Rama to pledge your support in person, we'd love to see you.

Once again, we’ve got fantastic limited-edition merch or tax receipts to reward you for your donation to the station!  Plus, individual shows are cooking up some great surprise rewards for their listeners so donate or give us a call during Pledge-O-Rama.

For more information visit our Pledge-O-Rama page and please help UMFM continue to provide a home for alternative voices, inquisitive minds and adventurous ears!

Half Pints Prize Packages

Once again, thanks to the generous support of the folks who make great beer over at Half Pints Brewing Co., we've got some killer prizes for giveaway to all our donors.

We've got a daily draw for a package that includes a pint glass, a toque or hoodie (supplies limited), coasters, stickers, buttons and best of all your very own Half Pints growler that you can head on down to 550 Roseberry and fill with some Half Pints goodness at their filling station for every donor who pledges $75 or more, that's EIGHT prize packages in all!!!
PLUS every donation over $75 will also be entered in the grand prize draw that includes a private brewery tour and tasting for you and up to 20 friends after which you'll leave with a gift cerfiticate good for a keg of your choice of one of Half Pints tasty wares.

Golden Ticket Draws

Another key returnee to Pledge-O-Rama is the amazing prize we call the Golden Ticket! Everyone who pledges $150 win gain one entry into our draw to win one of eight (!!!) prizes that will allow you and a guest to attend as many shows at the Park Theatre, the West End Cultural Centre, the Pyramid Cabaret, the Good Will Social Club and the Handsome Daughter as you want over the next year.  In addition, our festival friends are getting in on the act as well! Jazz Winnipeg are offering up a golden ticket to the 2018 TD Jazz Winnipeg Festival, which will allow you and a guest to attend every show that the festival throws at you next June and The Winnipeg Folk Festival are offering up 2 full weekend passes with camping passes for the 2018 festival, which takes place over 4 beautiful days next July in Bird's Hill Park!

So yeah, you read that right - you and a guest can get into a years' worth of shows at five of the best venues in town. Local acts, touring bands, punk, hip-hop, bluegrass - you name it, if it's on the Upcoming Shows calendar (*with some exceptions) at the Park Theatre, the West End Cultural Centre, the Pyramid Cabaret, the Good Will Social Club and the Handsome Daughter - you and a guest can waltz right in with this special pass that you can only get if you pledge starting at $150 or more during Pledge-O-Rama. And this is in addition to the tax receipt or package of incentives we're already giving out for pledges.

Incentive Levels

Finally, all of our supporters will get a big THANK YOU and the satisfaction of knowing that they have supported something as worthwhile as UMFM. However, there are a few extra tokens of our appreciation available. Of course, all pledges, big or small will make a difference! We plan to shower gifts on everyone who takes the time to call us and show us their support by donating to UMFM. Remember, plegees can chose between a tax receipt or the one of these great incentive packages, corresponding with the amount donated:

Here's a complete list of our great incentive packages, tax receipts are also available:

Please be aware that we cannot set aside specific t-shirt sizes during Pledge-O-Rama. All of our shirts will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis.

Pre-pledge to UMFM and not only we will guarantee you your desired shirt size, but one of our fine hosts will deliver it to your door or your mailbox! 

We're pretty easy going folks at UMFM, always willing to listen to offers on putting together your own custom incentive package, provided you've pledged at least $101.50!

Democracy Now... LATER
on October 8,2017 by michael

With Pledge-O-Rama 2017 about to hit a fever pitcher, just a reminder that all syndicated programs will be preempted for the week, including our noon hour broadcasts of Democracy Now. Regular programming will resume next Monday, October 23rd but until Friday October 20th we invite you to join us as we invites local musicians, artists and authors in to our live studio for performances, discussion and information on how to make a pledge to UMFM to ensure that the programs you love to tune into continue unabated for another year.

If you would like to listen to Democracy Now, we invite you to visit their website where each day's episode is available to stream.

Don't forget to call our pledge line at 204 474 6610 - smooth operators are standing by to take your pledges now!

The Winnipeg if… Improv Festival Is Back!
on October 8,2017 by jared

Edition #18 includes first all-women sketch ensemble & THIN AIR collaboration!

The 18th edition of Winnipeg if... Improv Festival is back with a week of completely unprepared hilarity! This year, we have performers from New York City, Seattle, Victoria, Minneapolis and Montreal. We will also be showcasing our tradition of inter-disciplinary collaboration with a spot of sketch comedy, as well as a show where writers and poets mingle on-stage with improvisers!

We’re especially excited present a collaboration between writers and improvisers. Spontaneous observations collide with pre-written musings on the world we live in. Poetry from improvisers, improv from poets and the wonderful space between profound and profunny. This is a live collaboration between the Winnipeg if... Improv Festival and Winnipeg's International Writer's Festival THIN AIR.

The talent at this year’s festival includes:

  • Megan Grey, Artistic Director of the Magnet Theater in New York City.
  • Tony Beeman, Associate Artistic Director of Unexpected Productions in Seattle.
  • Dave Morris, Artistic Director and founder of the Paper Street Theatre in Victoria.
  • Meags Fitzgerald, Montreal improviser and award-winning illustrator.
  • Dr Joel Carter, a medical doctor who just happens to be one heck of a storyteller.
  • Stephen Hunter, an improviser from Halifax

In addition to the out-of-town guests, the Winnipeg if… Improv Festival boasts so much homegrown talent, we’ve had to create three ensembles to keep track of them all. Throw in some sketch comedy from HUNKS and President Bear and we have ourselves a FESTIVAL!

Once again, the festival will be offering passes for you to see every show! Tickets and passes for the Winnipeg if… Improv Festival are available through the Gas Station Arts Centre by calling (204) 284-9477 or online at or Get your tickets early – shows this funny tend to sell out faster than you can laugh at a meme on the internet!

For an up-to-date list of performers, hi-res photos and ticket information, go to

UMFM says ‘goodbye’ to a long-time host and welcomes an old host back.
on October 5,2017 by michael

For well over a decade, Sunday mornings have found Sacred Space host George Rideout exploring “One’s way to Spirit.” UMFM is sad to announce that the journey has come to an end and the 8-10 AM timeslot will no longer feature Rideout’s inquisitive spiritual pursuits, nor provide the shared sanctuary for listener and host alike.

We would like to thank George – and his producer Lynne – for all their efforts at and on behalf of the station during the entire run of Sacred Space. Their absence from the station will certainly leave a hole in the collective heart of UMFM.

Likely no surprise to the spiritual sojourner, the end of one thing often marks the beginning of another so at the same time, UMFM is pleased to announce the return of former programmer Nathan Zassman, whose new program Zassman Plays the Classics will take over the Sunday morning timeslot.

We say “former programmer” because while Zassman has not been involved with the current run of UMFM, he spent several years at the former CJUM back in the late seventies. Zassman brings not only his experiences from those years, but also a wealth of knowledge about Classical music and a strong desire to share that passion for the form with listeners.

As a special wrinkle, the first episode tackles the second letter of the alphabet as Zassman shares some of his “B sides.” Tune in every Sunday at 8am for Zassman Plays the Classics, followed by our classic Jazz program Fascinatin’ Rhythm at 10am.